Friday, 4 August 2017

Australia’s PM Slowly Realizes Trump Is a Complete Idiot | New York Magazine

Turnbull (R): "Listen, you clod, I'll tell you one more time!.."
This is an excoriating article
The para quoted below, about his talk with Aussie PM Malcolm Turnbull, really makes you shake your head in disbelief at how obtuse Trump is. Or maybe it was just a long day. 
Trump ended by hanging up most ungraciously. That's another defining feature: rudeness. 
In sum, he's a nasty, idiotic piece of shit (this latter reinforces by his shocking  treatment of AG Sessions and attempt banning of LGBTs in the armed forces via a tweet). [A tweet!]. 

The transcript of Donald Trump's discussion with Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull obtained by the Washington Post reveals many things, but the most significant may be that Trump in his private negotiations is every bit as mentally limited as he appears to be in public.
At issue in the conversation is a deal to settle 1,250 refugees who have been detained by Australia in the United States. I did not pay any attention to the details of this agreement before reading the transcript. By the time I was halfway through it, my brain could not stop screaming at Trump for his failure to understand what Turnbull was telling him.