Friday, 11 August 2017

Socialism flow chart

Oh how true! What a wonderful little chart! 
Wherever socialism has been tried from Albania to Zimbabwe, via Cambodia, China, Cuba, North Korea, Soviet Union, Vietnam and most recently Venezuela, it has failed.  And failed dismally and spectacularly. And when it does so, the cry from socialists is "it wasn't real socialism!" 
The Socialist party of the UK is saying that socialism hasn't been tried anywhere
Chavez supporters are running for cover. Corbyn has blamed Venezuela's collapse on oil price drops (to which the obvious counter is that Norway, a country with a similar bounty of oil, has managed to remain vibrantly strong despite the oil price drop. It's all about management. And socialist management simply doesn't do the job). Michael Moore was challenged this morning on U.K. Channel 4, about his fawning over Chavez and Madura. All he could do, apart from looking like he had a cockroach in his undies, was to blame the US -- again! -- for interfering in elections!  He looked like he was going to cry. I wonder how Sean Penn, a BFF of Chavez, view the Venezuelan disaster. No doubt it will be the fault of the US. Or the Jews maybe.
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