Sunday, 6 August 2017

What turns a Hong Kong maid towards Islamic State? | This Week In Asia | South China Morning Post

Well the Hong Kong press has finally got onto this story. The story of Maids to Murderers.  From Maids to Jihadi brides.
These are Indonesian Muslim women who come to Hong Kong as domestic helpers. They find themselves isolated and "empty" according to the story. So what else do you do if you feel isolated and empty? Why, go off to kill some infidels, of course!
The story doesn't look at the issue of why the Filipinas in Hong Kong, about the same in number as the Indonesian Muslimas, in the same conditions, entirely the same, in other words, don't head off to joint ISIS or contemplate suicide bombing of we unbelievers.  Instead, you find the Filipinas, on their days off, going to church, then gathering together in town and singing and dancing and playing and acting up and being funny….
It's only the muslimas, wanting to find a "purer form of Islam", who come upon Jihadi Islam, and find new meaning in life in becoming part of the Islamic killing machine.