Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Conflicted We Stand About Islam—But We Don’t Have To

A good -- even fun... in a kind of a way -- article.
Though we note that having made the strong, and I believe unassailable, case that there's a real issue with Islam in today's world -- is that he has no solution. Save for the comment that a solution, or at least a way to confront the threat of Islam, may come about from public discussion based on facing reality, rather than wishful thinking.
Here's Lyle's penultimate para, for example:
"From this point forward, I believe public discourse can bring us the realistic and prudent solutions we need. But this is only possible, however, IF we start from this point and NEVER AGAIN put up with the caterwauling about CONTEXT or theological debates, or THE 'REAL' MEANING, or failing to call Islamic terrorists ISLAMIC TERRORISTS, or any of the other nonsense outlined above."
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