Wednesday, 7 October 2015

China shows the world it can lead the battle against climate change

As I've pointed out from time to time: China is a major polluter, but also now a leader in green technologies. That included being largest maker and user of wind and solar.
Kamilia Lahrichi
Kamilia Lahrichi says now China has made environmental concerns a priority, it has quickly become a trendsetter in the global warming fight

Amid all the discussions at the UN about climate change efforts, Beijing has emerged as a trendsetter that has made great strides towards sustainability. The Asian giant is still the planet's largest carbon emitter, but it now stands out among its peers by offering a blueprint for environmentally friendly urbanisation and low-carbon growth. In particular, its sustainable cities - like Tianjin Eco-city, the world's largest - are innovative solutions to rapid industrialisation.

Beijing was congratulated at the UN for its groundbreaking efforts. Werner Obermeyer, deputy executive director of the World Health Organisation, acknowledged China's significant efforts to redesign transport routes, relocate polluting industries and set up more green spaces.

The reality is that the catastrophic consequences of global warming have stirred a greater environmental consciousness in the Chinese leadership

China's determination to cut air pollution seems to be paying off: a 2015 London School of Economics report found that Beijing was close to meeting its climate goals five years ahead of schedule. While the US is grappling with meeting its commitment to curb greenhouse gases, China's carbon emissions will peak by 2025 instead of 2030, as initially agreed. Its emissions will then decrease, the study found.

The reality is that the catastrophic consequences of global warming have stirred a greater environmental consciousness in the Chinese leadership. President Xi Jinping's speeches about his country's efforts to combat climate change were a leitmotiv during his first tour of the US as well as during his first speech as head of state to the UN General Assembly last month.

Air pollution is still a problem in China, but Beijing's efforts are beginning to pay off. Photo: AFPXi announced he would launch a cap-and-trade programme to lower carbon emissions by 2017. This national limit forces companies to buy credits to pollute. He also gave away US$3.1 billion to help developing nations tackle climate change. In addition, Xi declared, along with US President Barack Obama, specific plans to cut the number of coal-fired power plants

China's strategy is more than just a longing for an environmentally friendly planet: authorities have taken practical steps to contribute to global climate security.

Beijing has cut the number of cars in several cities to ease congestion while offering discounts on electric and hybrid vehicles to encourage the use of renewable and sustainable transport, and to show that a country of 1.3 billion people can be environmentally sustainable. This way, China is proving it can play by international rules and make a significant difference to global warming.

Kamilia Lahrichi is a foreign correspondent and recipient of the 2014 United Nations Foundation's "Global Issues" Journalism Fellowship. [1]

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Saturday, 3 October 2015

Islam Versus Islamism: Inside the Mind of an Anti-Anti-Jihadist | PJ Media

I've done the analysis myself and came up with a figure of 7% - this being the maximum percentage of Muslims in a society beyond which there is no nation on earth which rates at the top of the Human Freedom index. Here the figure is ten percent. Not much difference. And figures that many countries in the west are bumping up against.
This also covers the vexed issue of the difference between Islam and Islamism.

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What is th@ thing?

Courtesy Sam Borden in the New York Times I learn that the thing we call "at", the @, is called different things in other languages.
In Danish it's "elephant's trunk", in Polish it's "monkey", in Dutch it's "monkey's tail", in Czech it's "rolled up fish fillet" in Greek it's "duckling".
In Hungarian it's a "worm", in Italian it's a "snail", in Ukrainian it's a "dog", in Taiwanese it's a "mouse".
Interesting, what?
I wonder why our word for @ in English is far the most prosaic of this lot.

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Friday, 2 October 2015

Never Stop Lying : How to Pass as a 'Moderate Muslim' in the Media : Sam Harris

My hero, Sam Harris. Much maligned right now. But spot on, on so much about religion and Islam in particular.

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The Helper

A sweet story of the domestic helpers in Hong Kong, focused on those here in Discovery Bay. The choir master of the "Unsung Heroes", Jane Engleman, I know from about 20 years ago, when we were both in a play at the Arts Centre, produced by the American Community Theatre.

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Europe's asylum seekers: Who they are, where they want to be | Pew Research Center

I've been wondering who would do an analysis of the immigrant waves to Europe. Who are they? Where do they come from?
At least PEW makes a start.
What we still don't know is the likely percent who are Islamist or supportive of extremist Islamism. Hard to figure, to be sure. But a start must be made on that. For it's not a moot point. The answer to that question is going to affect the very nature, the very future, of Europe -- at least as the open and tolerant societies they have been for going on a century.
Is this the century in which all that changes? For the worst?

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$10 Million Saudi Yale Gift the Tip of a $100 Billion Iceberg | Clarion Project

Yet more evidence of the horrid Saudi Arabia at work, subverting it so-called "allies", the US and other western countries. When will we ditch this perversion of a country. Be done with them.
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12 Hair-Raising Facts from Congressional Terror Report | Clarion Project


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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Prison Problem -

I've always thought that the reason America has so many people behind bars (the highest incarceration rate in the developed world) was mainly due to the war on drugs -- which out many non-violent offenders in jail.
But according to this article by David Brooks, that's not the case. The reasons are more complex than that and include, mainly, a much more aggressive prosecutorial system.
Read on>>

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Friday, 25 September 2015

What Americans, Europeans think of immigrants

Interesting results from recent Pew Research.
"What Americans, Europeans think of immigrants"

Malaysia warns of planned terrorist attack |

Well, I gotta say this is amazing. Ten suspected terrorists arrested in Malaysia in just the last month. Five are in the Military, one a police officer and one a kindergarten teacher!
One wonders how many were missed.
And all this in a poster child for "moderate Islam", our near neighbour, Malaysia.
The wonders of Islam.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

America for One Day - WSJ

Interesting article from Bret Stephens ($).
But no way Chinese President Xi Jinping, now visiting the U.S. will even read this "letter", let alone follow the advice to study the US. Rather, Xi will go his own, and China its own, way. And just now, that's not a good way: more authoritarian, less reformist.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Germany Arrests ISIS Recruiter Posing as Asylum Seeker

How many more?
A Lebanese minister told Cameron recently, during the latter's visit to refugee camps there, that about 2% of those in Lebanese camps are suspected of being ISIS supporters. That would make, say, 20,000 of the million or so expected to arrive in Europe this year, encouraged by the idiocies of Nanny Merkel.
Read the article at Clarion Project.

The Regressive Backlash to Maajid Nawaz & Sam Harris | NOTA

Sam and Maajid at recent Harvard talk on their joint book
"Islam and the Future of Tolerance", moderator: Juliette Kayyem
Have been following this issue quite closely. It concerns the great Sam Harris, after all! And Maajid Nawaz, for whom I have growing admiration.  Simple story: an atheist and reforming Muslim, discuss ways in which Islam might (or might not) be reformed, and the problems with some of the ideas of Islam.  They talk of ideas -- and the impact ideas can have on action-- not of individual Muslims.
This is one of the best summaries of the slurs, ad hominem and lack of integrity amongst the "regressive" left over the issue of criticism the ideas of Islam. The ideas and ideology, mind, not the Muslim people.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

No Go Zones and The European Migration Crisis | TSEC Network

A so-called "revert" (i.e. a convert to Islam) in the UK, working on yet another
"no go zone" that doesn't exist according to mainstream media
A while back the leftist press went ballistic when an American politician mentioned Islamic "no-go zones" in Europe and the UK. No such areas exist, they insisted. And they forced an unusual, unnecessary, but craven, apology by Fox News that had broadcast the offensive politician's comments.
I wrote at the time that such zones did indeed exist, even if they might not have been called "no-go zones". Eg, in France they're called "sensitive urban areas", and there are many hundreds of them.
This article linked below (from the Terrorism and Security Experts of Canada website) has a lot more detail on re extent of, and growth in the number of, such zones.
To deny the existence of areas controlled by Islamic Sharia law, right in the heart of Europe, is not just plain wrong. It's also insane.
They must be reclaimed. Don't tell me they can't be. By the police, or army if need be. It's a failure of political will. Of guts to face the problem. Of the ongoing refusal to call Islam for what it is, for fear of being called bigoted or Islamophobic.
And of course the floods of migrants and refugees will just feed into these. Europe truly is digging its own grave.
Read this enlightening article, and weep.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

'2 in 100' Syrian refugees may be IS members, Cameron told | The Times of Israel

Great. That comes to around 20,000 ISIS sleepers, so far, in Europe from the current floods there.
Assume the Lebanese Minister who told Cameron this, is out by 50%; it's still 10,000. Or so.
Of course, just a few is too many.

Turning back refugee boats saves lives - as Australia found out » The Spectator

From Tom Switzer in The Spectator, 12th September:
Most ordinary Australians are shocked that our immensely civilised country is reviled in polite society here and abroad, when the world has so many blatant human rights abusers. The latest accusation comes from a New York Times article complaining that our policies on asylum-seekers are harsh, insensitive, callous and even brutal, and urges European nations not to copy them. Yet the policies on border protection of Tony Abbott and John Howard before him should be a lesson to Britain.
Read on>>>

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Germany’s Real Refugee Crisis -

As we've been saying for some time. 
In a sentence: the peaceniks are responsible for the refugee floods. 
Clemens Wergin says this is not just a humanitarian crisis, but also a security crisis. 
Bur maybe the peaceniks don't mind; prefer, perhaps, the present outcome. 
I wonder how many Germans, if they could have their time over, and if they knew that some intervention in Syria would have prevented the mass exodus, would still have chosen the present outcome?  That is, considered it better to have millions flooding into Germany, rather than take any military action at all?  Not a few, I'd bet. 
Germany, which is absorbing by far the largest number of refugees, is reaping the results of its own reluctance to engage abroad and its failure, as the leading country in the European Union, to galvanize fellow member states against the mass atrocities of Syria's dictator, Bashar al-Assad — crimes that fueled the refugee crisis and helped the rise of the Islamic State. [The rest]

Monday, 14 September 2015

For Jeremy, a fact is a fact because he says it is

Consider this: in his acceptance speech, new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn denounced "grotesque" levels of inequality in the UK.
What are the real facts, though? The UK's GIni index, the measure of income distribution, has improved in recent years and is now amongst the world's best (in the top quartile)
But in order to squash the distribution even flatter, Corbyn's redistribution policies would impoverish Britain. I know this because I saw it first hand in China of the late Cultural Revolution. That was socialism at full throttle. Incomes were certainly more equal than they are now. They were all equally poor. [Some inequality is not a bad thing.  And: China's incomes have grown 13% annually for decades, lifting 600 million out of poverty]
Corbyn says "socialism is the answer". Well, yes, it's the answer if the question is "what's the best system for wrecking the economy?"
Later: Jezza's links with radical Islam.  His supporters must simply have ignored these, for they have been well-publicised.

Germany hopes that stupid is catching.

Stupid Mamma Merkel says welcome to all refugees, no matter who you are, no matter what you believe. Surprise surprise they come and come and come.
We'll take 800,000 this year, says Mamma, no questions asked. We'll abandon the European rules we ourselves established, we'll encourage half a million more each and every year till kingdom come - more than our natural population growth -- we'll tell ourselves that they'll help our aging problem and ease our labour shortage.
Hang on a tick! They're coming in droves! Didn't expect that! We can't handle them! How on earth did that happen? Why, oh why?? And, my heaven, they're all uneducated young men... how many are closet jihadis? And there they are demonstrating already and shouting Allahu Akhbar. Oh my giddy aunt!
Hey you! You there, yes, you, the rest of Europe! You'd better take your share!
You must be stupid, just like us. If you're not already, please become stupid, just like me. Your dear deluded Mamma Merkel.