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Bannon channels Bernie

The Left and the Right are agreed ...

‘You’re not fit to call yourselves men,’ Sarah Hanson-Young tells senators - YouTube

“True Islam Does Not Kill Blasphemers”. Not... (critique of Mustafa Akyol)

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Cancel their passports *after* they join ISIS

The alt-right’s favourite meme is 100 years old | NYT

Aussie food beats the rest. Hands down

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Asia Bibi refused asylum. Islamist fanatics are out to kill her, not just in Pakistan.

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Greenies are responsible for the deaths in California wildfires

Do women add value?

“100 years since end of first world war: how Hong Kong celebrated” | SCMP

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Broward Brouhaha

One divides into two 一分為二

The Sleep of Reason produces monsters

Hearts and Heads on Immigration

Sack Roger Scruton over Soros comments, demand Labour MPs |The Guardian

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