Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Rooshanie Ejaz on veiling and the burka ban

Rooshanie Ejaz writes at Human Rights Service
Look at the picture above. It's the lovely Rooshanie Ejaz, who writes regularly at the Human Rights Service.  I thought of her and her piece on why the niqab and burka are abominations that we rightly ought to object to in civilized society, when I saw the photo below of Muslimas demonstrating in London.  These are "liberated women" exercising their rights to be bagged up like this?

Remember folks -- Rooshanie Ejaz is a Muslim herself, so it's not just a cranky bigoted old white guy saying this. There are other Muslim women as well who have spoken out against the ugly, oppressionist tent they're made to wear (that's right "made" for there's no free choice here, no matter what some "Stockholm-syndromed" women might say).

Jubilation at the death of bin Laden.  No...wait!  They're praying for the soul of the
"warrior of Islam", the very fellow who would have all women bagged up like this
Mail Online, 7th May 2011