Sunday, 26 June 2011

"Name the poison". Condell on women's rights in Islam

An acquired taste for some, for others Pat Condell is a taste never acquired: he's acerbic, opinionated, robust and straightforward; too much for some bien pensants. But he's also careful with facts, as here, where he corrects an earlier statement on the rape of women in Norway. And gives a string of references for those so minded to check his facts.
This brought to mind an earlier email I had from an Islam-apologist in the UK, writing to inform me that it was not correct that the majority of rapes in Britain were by Pakistanis.  I dug a bit into that, and found he was correct!  Correct, that is, in that the perpetrators were not carrying Pakistani passports.  So this was a technically correct statement.  But more pertinently, the majority perpetrators were what the media sometimes calls "Pakistani heritage" males: that is young men, born perhaps in the UK, of Pakistani -- and hence, by definition of Muslim -- background.
As Condell shows in this video, the case in Norway is not that most of the assault rapes were committed by Muslims; no, the case is that they all were.
He's tart, he's tough, he's straightforward, he's "controversial".  But he's also spot on... give him a chance, my dear family and friends who only visit here now and then...