Monday, 22 August 2011

"Mind designers" poison views of Israel

Dr. Michal Rachel Suissa is a Jewish Amazigh (Berber) refugee from Morocco, working as an associate professor in medicinal chemistry at University College of Oslo... writes:
The responsibility for Jew-hatred in Norway lies with the “mind-designers” who recklessly use the media and their political platforms to distort reality and depict Jews as the world’s most dangerous people, in the words of former Prime Minister Thorbjørn Jagland (now secretary general of the Council of Europe): “If there is something that is a threat to world peace, then it is the Israeli occupation.“ Such often-repeated statements are among the unquestionable sources of Jew-hatred in Norway.
The article helps one understand the growing anti-Israel -- up unto anti-semitic -- views of so many in the west, a growing number, but unaware of the historic realities, of the importance of Israel to the democratic west.

"Mind designers":  nice description.  Not quite "brain washing", but getting there....