Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Arab Christians are being driven from places where they have lived peacefully for centuries

Two things about the article, "Out of the east", in the Spectator of 7 April:
1.  Bloggers like Raymond Ibrahim and Daniel Pipes have been writing about this for years and in detail since the "Arab Spring".  If you want to know the latest, the most detailed about any issue, the blogosphere is where it's at.
2.  Where is the outrage?  700,000 Arab Muslims were allegedly "driven" from their homes by Israelis in 1949 (well, not really, but let's stipulate they were), and the outrage is a daily issue on the news.  But over a million Christians have been driven out of Iraq alone since 2003, and nary a peep.
And consider this comment by a Grand Mufti of Islam, about Churches on the Arabian Peninsula: "... it is necessary to destroy all churches of the region". What if an Archbishop had said that of mosques in Europe.  Imagine the outrage.  Imagine the outrage at the Grand Mufti's statements.  Can't?  Well, no, because there is none.
At least the issue has now had its first airing, if only in a "right-wing" Spectator article.