Sunday 24 June 2012

Sheik Yusuf Al-Qaradawi: what a creep

I've long been fascinated by this fellow Al-Qaradawi.  Mainly because he has such influence in the Muslim world -- 60 million listed to his radio program, for heaven's sake -- and is seen by many in the west as somewhat of a "moderate".  And, he's the "spiritual head" of the Muslim Brotherhood, which now has a Muhammad installed as president of Egypt.
Sure there are the "controversies" about Al-Qaradawi, but heck, who in public life doesn't.
What gets me more is that he's really nothing at all moderate. Take the rant above about Jews.  Jews were "put in their place" by Hitler, but the job needed to be finished -- hopefully that would be done by Muslims.  Note how his audience cheers him on.
What a horrid man. And yet an acceptable, authoritative and respected face of Islam, who has won many awards.  If we non-Muslims say that Islam said what Qaradawi says it does, we're "Islamophobes".  If the good Sheik says it, he's lionized.