Thursday, 11 July 2013

Muslim chutzpah

From James Zumwald at UPI (who I don't know, but writes well and clearly):
While almost every religion has had violent episodes, Islam is the only one with a continuous history of violence, mandated repeatedly throughout its holy book, in God's name.
Reading through the Koran allows one better to understand Prophet Muhammad was driven, not by a loving God speaking to him through the Angel Gabriel, but by a warrior's mentality aimed at spurring followers on to fight for him to the death.
What better way to get followers to do his violent bidding than with promises of looting in this life and virgins in the next? What better way to get them to build up hatred and intolerance toward non-Muslims than by proclaiming more than 500 times in the Koran Allah's hatred and intolerance for them? (Even Muhammad's dying words allegedly were to place a curse upon Jews and Christians forever.)
The whole article is here.