Sunday, 30 November 2014

Mario Philip Azzopardi apologises for Islam rant after Justice Minister says comment 'unwarranted'

Azzorardi gets pounded by telling the truth about Islam (his "rant" below).
Note his first two sentences:
Islam itself does say that it is a theocracy (1).
Islam itself does say that its aim is to bring Sharia to the world (2).
Sharia is indeed a "collection of anti-human rights laws" (see "Reliance of the Traveller" link at left, the authorised version of Islamic jurisprudence, and "Sharia: what does it say about..." in the tab above).
"Islam is a theocracy. Islam is Sharia law. Sharia law is the biggest collection of anti-human rights laws under one religious cap: islam. It goes round and round. How long are we ready to blind ourselves because of some kind of convoluted self-destructive political correctness? We in the west, our poets and writers, our philosophers and thinkers have waged war against the catholic and Christian theocracies AND WON, and our theologies CHANGED and reformed. These idiots (insults intended to the full sense of the word) are tied to a set of rules written 1500 years ago and have stuck to them. Ask any muslim if he believes in Sharia law. If he says no then he is not a muslim and can join our club, with full perks, rights and liberties. If one says he believes in Sharia law then there is where our conversation ends with me making sure that the idiot does not attain any political power whatsoever, at the risk of using violence against him. The same thing I would do to a Nazi, klux klux klan member and slave trader. These individuals have reneged on the values we cherish because their intent is to use our system to destroy it. What' so difficult to get about this. When are we going to wake up. This is a call to cultural arms".
(1) "Islam is a complete package – a complete message and way of life." [ref]
(2) "The demand for and the spread of Shariah is obligatory for Muslims." [ref]