Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Sydney Hostage Taker: “Islam is the Religion of Peace”

I wondered a few posts ago, how long it would take for people to say that "this has nothing to do with Islam".
It wasn't long.
And now the narrative, by BBC, Australia TV, and the rest, is set: it was a nutter.  A lone wolf. Nothing to do with Islam.
Oh really?
Look at this.
"Sheik" Man Haron Monis makes his agenda abundantly clear.  We are infidels, Australia is a land of infidels and we shall fall to the might of Islam.
He made the hostages hold up a banner with the Arabic of "There is no god but Allah; and Muhammad is his messenger".
Now that's written off -- by the likes of our PM, Tony Abbot -- as simply being his attempt to "cloak" his madness in Islam.
Well, he had his moment in the sun (as it were).  And he decided on one, and only one, sign. That was  a sign of Islamic supremacism.
I wonder, if the hostage-taker had been Aboriginal and held up a sign calling for "Aboriginal land rights", if we would say that that person was simply using that as a "cloak".