Friday, 16 January 2015

Where's the Lead in the Pencil? :: SteynOnline

Mark Steyn, below link, in his usual top form on the craven hypocrisy of western media (Charlie Hebdo aside), in defending (not) free speech.
All that "je suis Charlie"? "I am Charlie"? "Ich bin Charlie"? Non, No and Nein. They are not. This shameful kowtowing to intimidation will lead to more intimidation.
Meantime I hear on BBC radio just now that the Pope has joined the "but brigade". Free speech is so important, an' all that, BUT it must have limits. Specifically it must not insult religion. Not, mind, that he ever send his Vatican guards to murder Hebdo cartoonists in revenge for the many times they have mocked Catholicism. So why did he say this? It can only be in a misguided attempt to appease Islam. And we know where appeasement leads....
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