Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Imam: ISIS wicked, barbaric – and antithesis of Islam

"Wicked", yes; "barbaric", yes; "antithesis of Islam", no. (an e.g. from professor Daniel Pipes).
But the real reason to post a link to this article is that it's a lesson on how to be an apologist for Islam.  Islamopolgia 101, if you will.
It's all there: Islam just the same as Christianity and Judaism; the Bible is just as violent as the Koran; Islam as the "religion of peace"; Islam "hijacked" and "perverted" by those who claim to act in its name. And so on.
Though none of this apologia bears even a modicum of scrutiny.
Christianity has a Trinity, which to Islam is heretical and blasphemous.  It is "shirk".
The Bible has its violent passages, but they are descriptive of a time, told by Moses, whereas the Koran's calls to violence are the commands of Allah, for all time.
The Bible has been reinterpreted over time -- Biblical exegesis -- whereas any reinterpretation of the Koran is heresy and punishable by death.
Islam has not been "hijacked" by ISIS.  It's its deep motivation.
The comparison with the KKK, please.. give me a break.  KKK was never really Christian, and today accounts for a few thousand crazies, ever fewer,  whereas Islamist crazies are in the hundreds of thousands, and growing.