Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Muslims and Jews on the Seine - NYTimes.com

Roger Cohen is a thoughtful and incisive commentator in the New York Times. He's sometimes off-beam (that is, when I disagree with him...), but here again he's spot on. 

Islam is in crisis, a religion at war with itself. The West is a spectator to this internal conflict and a victim of it. Up to now, the reaction of Muslims to the horrors committed in the name of an ideology of hate and death drawn from a certain reading of Islamic texts has been pitiful. The resolution of the crisis of Islam can only come through denunciation from within of the slaughterers — and recognition, rather than denial, of their Islamist inspiration.
It's easy and facile to see all Muslims as the enemy. Some Jews in France now do. This is a path to ruin. Just as in the Holy Land, Jew and Muslim must not imagine the other will go away.