Monday, 20 April 2015

The Problem With Garry Trudeau's Polk Award Speech on Charlie Hebdo — The Atlantic

First Justin Trudeau (in the post immediately before this one), now the cartoonist Garry Trudeau, Frum again skewers the false moral equivalence....  
And the fact that in Europe -- as in the US and Australia -- it's Jews, not Muslims, who are the greatest victims of hate crimes.
Even atheists like me, are subject to more hate crimes than Muslims. 
Which brings us back to Garry Trudeau. As with Godkin's Southern whites, it's hard to ignore that many whom Trudeau regards as European victims are simultaneously engaged in large-scale violence against people they regard as their enemies. As Jeffrey Goldberg reported in a disturbing cover story for last month's Atlantic, Europe is witnessing a surge of violent anti-Semitism.
About 40 percent of all hate crimes recorded in France in 2013 were committed against Jews, and 95 percent of those crimes were committed by people of Middle Eastern or North African origin.
Hate crimes against European Muslims, thankfully, appear to be comparatively rare. (I tried to compile a tally here.) In response to this violence at the hands of their Muslim neighbors, Jews are again emigrating from Europe.