Saturday, 2 April 2016

Why Don’t More Muslims Denounce Barbarism? | Observer

This article has been sitting on my desktop for some time. 
Preceding that silly hashtag #Muslimapologies, there was a poem, or rather a "poem", by a Muslim, called, IIRC, "Sorry" which was a passive aggressive listing of inventions allegedly made in the Islamic world. I had a close look at these at the time, and found that the vast majority of them were bogus. 
In the meantime....
When ISIL started beheading men, crucifying Iraqi Christians and sexually enslaving teen girls, a Facebook page and Tumblr sprang up called #Muslimapologies. Now, you might think the people behind this movement were motivated to bring together the good, peace-loving Muslims to renounce the barbarism being done in the name of their common god and holy book.But no. The hashtag is a forum in which to assuage their sense of group victimization. The Huffington Post called "The Top Ten" such tweets, which ooze condescension and superciliousness, that would be, needless to say, politically incorrect coming from members of any other of the three dominant religions."I'm sorry for inventing surgery, coffee, universities, algebra, hospitals, toothbrushes, vaccinations …""I'm sorry if my beard scares you, it's hormonal, I swear."And the most offensive of all: "I'm sorry Muslim women had rights 1,400 years ago while you were still discussing if women had souls."Barrel of laughs!