Thursday, 11 August 2016

From Bikinis to Burkinis | What France has given up because of Islam in their country

This is absolutely shocking. I had no idea France had cancelled so many public events as a direct result of Islamic threats. 
This is the price of bringing in so many immigrants who don't share the values of the enlightenment west. The price of giving in to the lefty multi-cultis who made all this happen. 
"Meanwhile, armed soldiers are patrolling French beaches and many of the cultural and sporting events that are a feature of the French summer holidays have been cancelled for fear of Islamic terror attacks.The Beach Music Festival at Berck on the Normandy coast was called off two days before it was due to begin on August 4.The traditional summer fireworks displays in Marseilles, Cannes, Chambéry, Avignon and La Baule will not take place. In Nice, site of the Bastille Day truck massacre, a concert by Rihanna, the annual Nice Jazz Festival and the European road cycling championships have been cancelled.In Paris, half a dozen summer events have been abandoned including the traditional pedestrianization of the Champs-Elysées.The most prominent cultural event to be called off is the Braderie de Lille. This gigantic flea-market dating back to the 12th century takes place during the first weekend of September and attracts between two and three million visitors each year to its four square miles of stalls. On August 5, the Mayor of Lille, Martine Aubry, announced that she was cancelling the event for security reasons.For local businesses, these cancellations are an economic catastrophe that will cost them tens of millions of dollars."