Wednesday, 10 August 2016

"Rio Olympics 2016: Fencer becomes first US competitor to wear hijab"

This article notes that if the American IOC had nominated Ibtihaj Muhammad to carry the flag in the opening ceremony it "might have been considered a political act".  Gee, dy'a think??!  A female fencer, not even the best in America, with no hope of a medal at the Olympics, chosen ahead of the man with the most medals of any olympian ever, anywhere.  And she's chosen because she's Muslim and wears a hijab?  Political? Nah....
Anyway, they chose Phelps over the symbol of oppression.  Good.
Now, in this article, Muhammad says the following, in the last para. 
“This is who I am — being American, being African-American, and being a Muslim, being a woman. These are all things that I can’t change, and I wouldn’t change for anything.”
Actually, all of those things are "things she can change".  She can leave Islam. She can change her nationality.  If she did so, she'd no longer be an "African-American", and she can also become a man, in these Trans days.  
So, in her only statement on the issues of what she stands for is nonsense.  She ends up standing for one thing: the wearing of the hijab, a symbol of oppression of women, I've just seen that her father confirms this oppression of women.  Here he is in the Daily Beast saying that she ought to quit sport and become a good little lady at home, not challenging men.
"Women should never argue with men: Ibtihaj's father".