Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Islamic State's 'Jizya tax' for Christians is pure propaganda | Coffee House

The ongoing willful blindness of the west to the suffering of Christians in the Middle East is here skewered. 
Willful blindness from Obama to the Pope, via every leftie in between. 
Some of those lefties are this very minute holding a pop concert in Berlin to promote tolerance: tolerance, that is, of Muslim immigrants to Germany. 
Nary a word, one hears, never a word, one hears, of the harried Christians in Syria, in Iran, in Iraq, brothers and sisters to Christians in Europe, about their killings, rape and torture in Arabia. 
"Last weekend, several Middle Eastern Christian leaders met in Italy to beg Western politicians to acknowledge the depth of the suffering of their people. They complained that they had been forgotten, describing in detail the annihilation of their communities, the silence of human rights organisations and media, and the willingness of Western governments to seize upon the Jizya as an excuse to withhold certain interventions.These leaders demolished Isis's Jizya claim, describing it as propaganda intended to add theological legitimacy to the group by linking it to the practices of historical caliphates, when, in fact, it is merely just another desperate attempt to fund their cult."