Saturday, 5 November 2016

Those poor millennials, they have too much choice....

... and they're traumatised by it.
On the BBC radio just now, interviews with a number of millennials (18-30 yo) who are the most difficult demographic to get to the voting station.
Why?  Well, it seems that most of them are traumatised by "too much choice".  They can't differentiate between Trump and Clinton.  They say things like "we're told this, and then we're told that; so how do we know what's true?" and "we just don't have enough information" (really).
Well, look: there's more information now than any time in human history. The problem with you dorky young snowflakes is that you don't know how to discriminate between reliable information and scuttlebutt.   The give away is the use of "told".  They're not comfortable, it seems, unless they're directed this or that way. And when they get two candidates.... woahh, too much choice!
These young sensitive beings, who've been taught that "all cultures are the same" and similar rot, are now quite incapable of knowing where to go on the internet to find sound information.  Did I say "internet"?  Hell, these young cupcakes don't even do that.  As many of them said, they get their info from Social media.
This is disgusting and disturbing. It's pretty easy to find out, for example, if it's true -- as both Trump and Clinton say -- that trade deals lead to a loss of jobs (they don't). Or if climate change is a "hoax" as Trump says (it's not). Or if crime is at an all-time record as Trump says (it's not).  Or if it's wise to let in 65k Syrians per year as Clinton says (It's not).  And so on.
But no, for these essentially illiterate millennials, it's all too hard, all too confusing.
In the UK, they didn't vote in the Brexit referendum and were then upset when the Leavers won.  They should have known and they should have voted. If the millennials had voted in June, Britain would still be in the EU.
They should vote this time, and it should be for the queen of pantsuits. It's simply not that case that Trump and Clinton are equally venal and so one can forget about voting.  And millennials should not be abrogating their right to vote because they're traumatised by choice.