Friday, 27 January 2017

Larry Elder and Dave Rubin: Conservatives, Black Lives Matter, Racism (Full Interview) - YouTube

This video is just over a year old but well worth the hour's viewing.
You may know Larry Elder. I did not until Dave's latest video directed me to it as having had a major impact on Dave's thinking.
It had that impact for me too. I knew a lot of the stuff about black vs white crime levels and police shootings statistic. (E.g. Black suspects are shot at a *lower* rate than whites). As Elder says "where are Black Lives Matter on that"?).
But I didn't know about the connection between welfare state initiatives of the sixties and single parent households in the black community and in turn that connection with black crime levels. Welfare was offered, by well-meaning initiatives, to women if they were single moms. That led to unintended consequences -- moms *becoming single* deliberately. Growth of single parent families led to higher crime levels. And we know what a catastrophe that has been for the black community and black incarceration rates.
The sixties welfare initiatives -- all well meaning -- were a catastrophe for the black community with a rise in single parent households from 25% to 75% today.
Elder says black leaders -- Obama, Jackson, Sharpton, BLM -- should be talking about this. But not a one is.
He also talks of Black support for Trump -- higher then than it was for Romney. Working class blacks were displaced by immigrants, so Trump resonated with them on that issue, again not one covered in MSM.
Elder is most impressive. Eloquent and quick, with all facts at his fingertips.
Elder had not, at January 2016, decided if he was a Trump supporter. But he makes some interesting points about him.
Well worth the hour's viewing (there's a couple of edited versions on Dave's ChaNnel if you're pressed for time).
I'm sure you'd agree with pretty much all of that Elder says. Actually so do I. It's hard to argue with facts. Unless you want to replace them with "alternative facts"!
Meantime looking forward to the Trump - Theresa May meeting
Video here.