Trump’s flaws should not distract from the greater imperfections of US-China trade relations | South China Morning Post

Another in the line of articles labelled "Trump may be an idiot, but...". 
In this case he's right about China's predatory trade and economic policies. Even if his solutions — tariffs — are misguided. What he should be doing is applying reciprocity. Strict reciprocity. 
Trump didn't start the trade war; Beijing did. That he seems flawed in ways no other American president has been, including a questionable affinity for Moscow, doesn't reduce the necessity of changing the current condition with Beijing. Americans, ever resilient, will adapt. It may be a long and economically painful road, but another decade or two without change is likely to result in something more painful, in a darker world. Because the trade war, after all, is about much more than just trade.

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