This will be a test of MSM

I'm calling it the "test of the Fifth".
BBC is saying this morning that if Trump is called to testify in front of Mueller, the independent Counsel, Trump may invoke "The Fifth", that is the Fifth Amendment right to silence to avoid self-incrimination.
On Fox News, however, they've had a stream of high-level lawyers saying no way will Trump invoke the Fifth. The most notable being Alan Dershowitz, Harvard professor and constitutional expert, who says that it won't happen because Mueller will offer immunity which invalidates the use of the Fifth. Attendance then becomes a perjury trap instead, for Trump, so he needs to stay away if at all possible.
If you watched only BBC and CNN you would have no idea of the counter-argument and would be led to believe that Trump is going to invoke the Fifth if called by Mueller.
So let's see what happens. It will be a good test of the Main Stream Media (MSM), which kind of self-identifies as the media of the Left. i.e. not Fox!

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