Sunday, 2 January 2011

Are you a liberal or a conservative?

I've been criticised for having "become very conservative".  But I'm not sure that's what I am, for many views I'd share with "the left", aka liberals (in the American sense).  So I thought I'd do a list of those things which determine one's politics.  

For every Yes count zero. For every Don't Know count One.  For every No count Two. The lower the number, the more liberal you are. 
Based on US criteria, where "liberal" = left-wing and/or Democrat.
"Don't know" also includes "Don't fully agree with".  Eg, "Globalism is not a good thing"; you might think that there are aspects which are beneficial, but also aspects which are troublesome, hence a count of One.
A score of Zero will be an out and out liberal, tending to "hard left".  A score of 64 will be an out and out conservative, tending to "hard right".  A score of 32 will be a willy-wishy wonka.  My own score is.... hmmm, let me see know, got it... 37.  So I guess that does make me to the right of centre, though not  at the hard right end...

Are you in favour of (or do you agree with the statement) --

       1.    Gun control.
2.    Abortion rights.
3.    Iraq war was wrong (of having invaded Iraq in the first place; you may now think that since we are in there now, best make as good a job of it as possible).
4.    Afghanistan: ditto per Iraq
5.    The theory of Natural Selection
6.    Stronger focus on education provided by the state
7.    Islam: as a "Religion of Peace". i.e. don't criticize it, for all religions have their crazies. IOW, you think the phenomenon of "Islamophobia" exists and ought to be fought and resisted.
8.    Sarah Palin is an ignorant nutter
9.    The Tea Party is a bunch of ignorant nutters
10. Glen Beck is an ignorant nutter
11. Keith Olbermann is great, speaks truth to power and whips it up to ignorant nutters
12. Palestinians are the underdog. They are being persecuted by the Israelis/Jews
13. Zionism is the same as racism
14. Israel pursues a policy of apartheid
15. The US is to blame, at least partly, for the attacks on it of 911
16. Today's terrorism has more to do with poverty and grievances (eg, Palestine, US foreign policy), than with any religious motivation.
17. All religions are basically the same (for better or worse).
18. All cultures are basically the same and deserving of respect.
19. The Danish cartoons of 2005 were simply an unnecessary provocation and not a freedom of speech issue.
20. Geert Wilders, the Dutch anti-Islam politician, is a right-wing bigot/racist (aka "an ignorant nutter")
21. Mark Steyn is an ignorant nutter.
22. Man made climate change is real and a huge threat to the world.
23. Unions are a force for good in the economy. Governments should legislate to increase their bargaining power.
24. Bosses should not have complete freedom to hire and fire at will.
25. Globalism is not a good thing.
26. Capitalism is not a good thing.
27. We should strive for a more egalitarian society, such through Market Socialism.
28.  The rich should be taxed more
29. The Stimulus package of 08-09 was necessary; more stimulus is needed.
30. Don't ask, don't tell was a bad policy and its repeal was a good thing.
31. I believe in Gay Rights
32. Less should be spent on the Military and more on social programs (eg education)