Thursday, 3 November 2011

Frogs jump out of the barrel

You know that hoary old saying: the one about the frog in the water, which heats up so slowly that the frog doesn't realise it's getting slowly cooked and dies for lack of realisation.  That's the image that's often used as a simile for what's going on in the west, the slow islamisation that will "cook" the west, before it realises what's going on.
But hand it to the Frogs!  They've shown some grit where the anglo-saxon world has not. They've banned the burka and niqab, they've banned religious symbols in the classroom, they've not allowed meat in public hospitals to be slaughtered al-halal (ie, cruelly).
And now there's the case of the satirical weekly, Charlie Hebdo, which ran a piece with a caricature of Muhammad on the cover, got firebombed for its effort and -- here's the big surprise kicker and the one that truly shows their grit -- have said "we will come back and we will not be silenced".
Good on the froggies!! Show the ragged, poor cowardly "lion" across the water a thing or too about courage and principles.
Couple of links on the fire-bombing: