Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Islamic "misunderstanders" in the Paper of Record

These three articles are interesting, coming as they do in the "newspaper of record", the rather left-of-centre New York Times:

We are told repeatedly by Muslim and non-Muslim apologists that those creating havoc in the name of Islam are a "tiny minority", who "hijack" or "misunderstand" Islam.

But... but.... What about whole countries that seem to "misunderstand" Islam?

Iran, a nasty Shiite theocracy; Saudi Arabia, a nasty Sunni theocracy; Pakistan, an incompetent and duplicitous Islamic crypto-theocracy.... are all these "hijacking" Islam? are all these "misunderstanding" Islam? are they all misunderstanding and hijacking Islam, when they brutalise women, when they hang homosexuals from bridges, when they stone to death apostates from their "Religion of Peace"?

In newly spring-sprung Egypt, Pew polls show that 82% favour the stoning to death of women for adultery and 84% favour the death penalty for apostasy.  Are they "misunderstanders", all these Arabian-spring democrats?

In the West, majorities or large pluralities of Muslims want the imposition of Sharia law.

And now, in the "Paper of Record", in which articles about Islam are usually non-critical or outright apologist, we find no less than three major stories in two days, which attest to the violence done in the name of Islam. From Libya to Russia.*

How much more of this do we need to see before people stop with the drivel that Islam is a "Religion of Peace", and that violence done in its name is only by a "tiny minority of misunderstanders"?

*LATER: I have subscribed for some years to the New York Times alert on Islam.  That is, they send me daily links to stories they carry with any relevance to Islam. That's how I know that they are mostly articles favourable or outright apologist for Islam.
By contrast, I also take a Google Alert for Islam.  This trawls the internet, in (one presumes) a neutral way with its algorithms, and gives a result of 4-6 articles per day.  I did a bit of a study of this some time back and found that most articles thrown up by Google were critical of Islam.  Which is how it should be, in my view..... There's more to criticise than to praise....