Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Memo to Iran's regime: it's not Hollywood, it's you....

... who makes Iran look bad.  Or who makes "Iranians look stupid, backward and simple-minded in this movie [Argo]".  No, it's not Hollywood, and it's not the Iranian people, it's you, the Islamic theocratic government of Iran who does this.
Courtesy of New York Times' Alert on Islam, we learn: "Stung by 'Argo', Iran backs Conference Denouncing 'Hollywoodism'".
Some choice quotes:
A self-described “specialist in anti-Iranian and anti-Islamic films,” he [Mehdi Tondro] fumed over scenes of angry Iranians storming the gates of the American Embassy in Tehran in 1979.
You mean like this?:
These are "angry Iranians"...

... this is them storming..

... this is the American Embassy in Tehran...

.... and this is those mobs storming the gates.
I haven't seen Argo (yet), but you don't need to be a "hollywoodist", or spin this up at all, to make it nice drama.  For what are these pictures if not "angry Iranians storming the gates of the American Embassy"?
Then conference attendee E. Michael Jones:
 ... an American and the editor of Culture Wars, a conservative Christian magazine, said he was impressed by the way Iranians had managed to ban all exhibits of sexuality from their society. “There was a reason Iranians burned their cinemas during the revolution,” he said. “Their desexualization of their culture has been so efficient; I am truly impressed by that.”
You mean "desexualization" like the stoning of women ("Iran's grim history of death by stoning" from the BBC) and hanging of homosexuals? ("Iranian Gay Men To Be Hanged for Sodomy" from Huffington Post).  And burning cinemas is supposed to be a step forward in human culture, something you're "impressed" by?

Surreally, we also learn that:
Mr. Abbasi said popular TV series like “The Simpsons,” “Lost” and “South Park” were part of a ploy to present famous Hollywood directors as new philosophers, pushing “a mix of ideologies,” which all accumulated in “Hollywoodism,” he said.
Right, got it.
Of course, all this is complete nonsense. Of a kind with Ahmadinejad's various Holocaust denial conferences.
On a lighter note, comments from Amil Ami, an Iranian Muslim apostate, who reminds us that Islam was foisted on non-Arab Persians, with their long history expunged after the invasion of Islam.  He points out the difference between the youth of today's Iran and their Islamist theocrats.
There's a lovely video on Ami's post above, on the hopes and aspirations of Iran's youth.  A youth whose demonstrations against their Mahdist government was so sadly ignored by the Obama administration.  Ami's other comments in the post are worth a read too, as is his own interview, the third down of his embedded videos.

[BTW: note that I've quoted from the New York Times and the Huffington Post, both left-of-centre sites, to preempt any criticism that this might be the ravings of "right wing Islamophobic" websites and the like.  These are Mainstream Media...]