Tuesday, 26 February 2013

More examples of Bloggers being in front of the curve on matters Islamic

I've written before of how you'd know more about what's going on in the Islamic world than if you simply follow the Mainstream Media (MSM).

A couple more recent examples:

Acid Attacks:

BBC's Zeinab Badawi's Hard Talk of 15th February (here, but only for 12 months) interviews Dr Mohammad Jawad who is doing wonderful work for Pakistani women disfigured by acid attacks.
From the BBC introduction:
Zeinab Badawi talks to renowned British plastic surgeon Dr Mohammad Jawad, who has helped reconstruct the faces of women disfigured by acid attacks. He has featured in an Oscar-winning documentary about his humanitarian work in his native Pakistan. His high public profile has helped raise awareness about the life-destroying nature of acid attacks in Pakistan and elsewhere in Asia but can it bring about real change and action to help bring down the level of such violence against women?
At one point Dr Jawad says that he discovered the acid attack problem just a few years ago.
But if he'd followed the anti-Jihad bloggosphere, he would have known about this at least as long ago in Robert Spencer's  2003 post, a good 8 years before he did from the MSM.  But whereas Spencer would have been labelled as an "Islamophobe" for revealing this Islamic practice (and it's exclusively an Islamic practice), now that it's the BBC reporting it's "goodness me, what a shocking thing"....  Just think how many more women this very nice doctor could have helped, if he'd read Spencer and not been blinded by spurious claims that they're hate sites and Islamophobic.

Afghani police rape and kill young "chai boys":

BBC's Panorama episode of last week "uncovered evidence" of the practice of Afghani police raping young boys (called "chai boys"), and in some cases killing them if they tried to escape. (here, but only for 12 months)
Again, if you had been reading the anti-Jihad bloggosphere, you would have known about this at least as long ago as  2008.  This site reports it in its post "Thursday night is boyz night", and notes, correctly -- as the only-just aired Panorama episode proves -- "Police rape of young boys ignored". Yes, quite.  Until now, that is, and since it's the BBC, we can now say ""goodness me, what a shocking thing"....  Before then, the website that reported the practice five years ago would have been denounced as "Islamophobic".

An older example:

Muslim persecution of Christians in the Middle East:

Raymond Ibrahim has been blogging about this for many years, here.  But the MSM only reported on it as recently as 2011, eg, Jeff Jacoby "In Egypt, a new pogrom".