Wednesday, 25 September 2013

America's mainstream press are the real Islamophobes

A site I've just come across,, does an analysis of headlines in the top 10 US newspapers by circulation.  They found that 90% of the reports on the Nairobi Muslim Mall Massacre did not mention "Islam" or "Muslim".
This is particularly egregious, as the Shabaab ("Youth") murderers could not have been clearer about their Islamic intentions: they called on Muslim hostages to stand up and -- after a simple Islamic test -- to leave the mall, as the only ones they wanted to murder were non-Muslims (aka "kuffar").
This makes those newspapers the real "Islamophobes": that is, they are scared of Islam; they live in fear of it: this being the proper meaning of a phobia.
They are so scared, these media folk -- of retribution from Muslims or being called "bigots" and "racists" or "Islamophobes" by non-Muslims -- that they don't mention the single most salient fact in this latest round of Muslim massacres: it was Islamically inspired.
"Islamophobes" are not  those who criticise the global Jihad, criticise the pressure for a caliphate and resist Sharia law.  For it is not they who are afraid of Islam. Concerned, yes; afraid to speak out, no.
It is those pusillanimous pissants in the press who live in fear of Islam.
Islamophobes all.