Sunday, 29 September 2013

It's Existential, Stupid!

The grand wave of Jihadism across the world -- Afghanistan, Pakistan, Philippines, Kenya, Mali, you name it -- is existential, not grievance based.
By that I mean this: that it's not a reaction to various Muslim grievances, from Palestine to Kashmir.  It's part of the Islamic push to install Islam throughout the world. It is existential: that is, relating to the existence of Islam, which requires, in authoritative doctrine, that it be the only religion in the world.
That's not to say that grievances play no part.  Of course they do.
But they're not the main reason we see the chaos of Islamic murder across the world. And if the west were to sort out every grievance in the world, there would still be Islamic aggression.  If we were to sort out a Palestinian state, pull out all infidel troops from the Middle East to Afghanistan, if India were to give Kashmir to the Muslims, if the Philippines were to give the Moro rebels their Islamic state and Thailand give its south to the Muslim rebels, if all those things were to happen, there would still be Islamic attacks on the west.  The existence of Islam requires it.
It's not me that says this. It's the Islamic Trinity.  And it's Islamic clerics.
Take this case, for example, reported in the Ahmadiyya Times.  Abdul Samad, a Pakistan cleric, makes it crystal clear:
xi) Our enmity towards Hindus is not due to the Kashmir issue; our enmity towards America is not due to Iraq and Afghanistan; the enmity between us and the Jews is not due to the Palestine; the real cause is that they do not accept our system and Islam.
xii) Our enmity towards them (the non-believers) will continue even if they renounce all their crimes.
xiii) Enmity towards infidels is a must. It is part of our faith. Islam says the Muslims should stay away from the infidels and their countries.
xiv) The best way to get rid of them (infidels) is to continue jihad until the Allah's faith (Islam) is completely enforced all over the world.
If you want the other side, that it's all due to grievances Muslims have with the west, then you can go to the Voice of Russia's "3-way debate: Jihadists who came from the West - what do they want?".  This is long-ish and maybe for hard-core Jihad watchers only; I listened to it all, and found Asghar Bukhari's arguments wanting. One of the three, Robert Spencer, has his comments here.
Bukhari was given immense space to make the same point over and over again: that Muslim violence was all the fault of non-Muslims, particularly Israelis, who were murdering Muslims wholesale until the oppressed people finally reacted with violence.