Sunday, 15 December 2013

How sweet!.... Airline staff's airport flash mob springs a seasonal surprise

After two weeks of rehearsals, Cathay Pacific crew members give an impromptu
dance performance at the arrivals hall of Chek Lap Kok airport. Photo K.Y. Cheng
As the tune of All I Want for Christmas is You rang out across the arrivals hall of Chek Lap Kok airport, several flight attendants suddenly broke into dance, springing a surprise on travellers and passers-by.
About 300 other Cathay Pacific Airways pilots, cabin crew and ground staff suddenly joined in, forming a sea of red, twisting and twirling in unison to several Christmas songs.
The festive entertainment yesterday marked the culmination of seven rehearsals in the past two weeks - including one in the middle of the night at the airport - which the dancers had managed despite their busy flying schedules.