Monday, 2 December 2013

Li Ka-shing warns of threat to Hong Kong's core values

It's good to see Hong Kong's richest man (and Asia's), speak up for the core values of Hong Kong, those that continue to differentiate us from any mainland city, including Shanghai's new so-called "Free Trade Zone".
Li is too often seen as being very "Beijing friendly", so his warnings of not having "rule of man", that is arbitrary ruling by The Party, are particularly important.
Here's the money shot:
Li Ka-shing has dismissed rumours he is cashing out of Hong Kong, while also offering his thoughts - and a warning - on the city's political future.
Asia's richest man said suggestions he was pulling out of the city were a "big joke".
But while defending the city's core values, he said: "Hong Kong cannot go down the path of rule of men. Hong Kong has many core values, such as an open and free market and the rule of law, which are not come by easily.
"If there is any mishandling in governance, these [values] would all be gone.
"My relationship with the Hong Kong government and other countries is built on this understanding. It should not be changed when there is reshuffle of individual leaders or officials."
Li, 85, made his comments in an interview with Guangzhou-based Nanfang Media Group that lasted for 21/2 hours.
Li rarely gives media interviews - he hasn't given any one-to-one interviews with the Hong Kong media since the late 1990s.