Friday, 14 March 2014

China in Africa

When I crossed Africa from Cape Town to Cairo in 2011, China was often in evidence: building roads, bridges, dams.  Overall, they clearly benefited the local population: there's a lot more development near roads, for example.  Did they alway use local labour? Well, no, but not always because they didn't want to.  In some cases, we were told that the Chinese had hired local folk, only to find those locals walking away after a few weeks because they couldn't keep up with the Chinese work rate...
The article here is by the Chinese Minister in charge of foreign aid. But, just because the Party says it doesn't mean it isn't true...  Some of his points are surely correct.  Eg, the hiring of 16,000 locals to build Merowa dam in Sudan.
We also drove along a superb new highway in Sudan.  Way better than the desert track it was before.