Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Sexual harassment in Europe

BBC Radio here in Hong Kong has a looping report on sexual harassment of women in the EU.  The highest incidence is in Denmark and other Scandinavian countries.
The reports opine that the reason for that may be that these issues are more discussed in places like Denmark.  They also suggest that it may be due to women entering the job market in non-traditional roles and thus facing some resentment and fight-back in the shape of sexual harassment.
What they don't mention is that there's been plenty of evidence in recent years -- including in police statistics -- that the sharp rise in Scandinavian rape and other sexual predation has been sheeted home directly to "ethnic groups" and in particular to Muslim men.
In the case of Norway, the police reports for 2011 show that 100% (no, not 80% or 90% but the whole lot) of violent rapes were by Muslim men and that most were against white Norwegian women.
Could BBC mention this? No way.... that would be "Islamophobic"...