Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Islam: a victory in China

Muslims have stopped us having any food or drink at the International airport here in Kunming, capital of China's south western province of Yunnan.
How so?
Well, in response to a Muslim terrorist attack on its railway station earlier this year, the authorities reacted by banning all food and drink on the post-immigration side of the airport. That is, once you've taken off your shoes (courtesy Muslim shoe bombers) and had your water confiscated (courtesy Muslim liquid bombers), and got through all the body searching and you've then had your nail clippers confiscated (courtesy the 9/11 Muslim bombers), after all this you get to the departure area and find that all the restaurants are closed. Where's the wine or beer then? Sorry none. How about a coke? Sorry, none.
Because the authorities decided that it was a risk after the Muslim terrorist bombings here in Kunming.
But what's the connection between having some noodles with beer, and terrorism?
Well, I dunno.
I agree it's an over reaction and I wish they'd change it, say the staff, with a shrug. But what can WE do?
Meantime what an irony: no booze. A Sharia-compliant outcome. And starving the infidels! All praise to Allah!
Surely, here in the febrile and timid minds of Kunming bureaucrats, we have a victory for the Muslim terrorists.
A victory for Islam...

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