Friday, 8 May 2015

Reflections on the Revolution in Europe

In my post immediately before this, I said:
This is insanity by Europe. The are building up for themselves an ever greater problem for their children to handle.
Am I xenophobic?  Islamophobic even (given the majority of boat people migrants are Muslim)?
Well, no.
My own country of Australia has had waves of immigrants in the 20th Century: from Italy, Greece, Eastern Europe, Vietnam, Cambodia and China.  In all cases they have settled, scrabbled and given opportunities for their children to succeed in their new home. [I was an immigrant of sorts myself, to Australia.  Born of Australian parents in Japan, I was brought up in Italy in the 50s and arrived in Australia, not speaking English, in 1959.  I was sent to what they called then a "migrant school", to learn English.  This I did quickly, for I was being called a "wop" and a "dago"].
And so, also, in Europe and the UK: waves of migration absorbed and contributing to their host countries, with their children hewing to their new nation.
All, that is, until the immigrations from Islamic countries.
A weird thing happened with these migrants.  The children of the original migrants -- instead of working on the base set for them by their parents -- began to bend to more fundamentalist Islam than their parents.
And we know where that leads. "Lone wolf" attacks; calls for Sharia.  Despising of their own nation.
The best documentation of this phenomenon is in Christopher Caldwell's "Reflections on the Revolution in Europe".
He shows -- in careful argument with scrupulous references -- how the descendants on Pakistanis in the UK or Turks in Germany, have turned against their parents and their countries, in favour of the Islamic Ummah, the great would-be caliphate of Islam.
Caldwell quotes Hilaire Belloc, the great writer, orator, poet, sailor, satirist, man of letters, soldier and political activist, and leftist Catholic academic.
Writing in 1936, in "The Great Heresies", Belloc is quoted in Caldwell (p 112):
"... It has always seemed to me possible, and even probable, that there would be a resurrection of Islam and that our sons or our grandsons would see the renewal of that tremendous struggled between the Christian culture and what has been for more than thousand years its greatest opponent."
How wise and far-sighted he was!
Trouble is that Europe no longer sees itself as "Christian" in any meaningful sense, even though it is. At least its culture is founded on Judeo-Christianity.  And I'm happy that it is --even though I'm an atheist -- for that culture has given us the Reformation, scientific enquiry, gender and minority equality, human rights and the whole panoply of tolerance that leftist/progressive people have traditionally fought for, but which they seem to let go, when faced by jihadis and Islamists.
By contrast, Islam has not done any of this.  And does not look to do so now.  
Their business model is that of ISIS.
[What's that you say?  Not all Muslims are violent and support ISIS?  Sure they aren't and don't.  But all polls show that the majority do support Sharia law for the western countries they live in.  That's not terribly tolerant in my mind; and is certainly not a way forward for a reformation of Islam or to tolerance for other beliefs, or non beliefs.]