Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Scandinavians are idiots

Let me rephrase that.  The Scandinavians I've met, in their home countries and around the world, are wonderful folk: open-minded, tolerant, humorous, charitable, caring.... I could go on, but you get the picture.
So why do I say they're idiots?
Well take this case: the Pakistani secular blogger who was slaughtered in Pakistan recently.  It turns out that he'd sought asylum in Sweden, but been denied. That's right: a non-religious blogger, who simply wanted to visit Sweden for a conference, was denied on the grounds that he might have sought asylum.  There's no indication that he would have; after all, he was brave enough to be a secular blogger in Pakistan, when two of his colleagues, also secular bloggers, had been brutally murdered in recent months.
But if he'd sought asylum, would it not have been rational?  After all, two of his colleagues had indeed been brutally murdered in recent months.  And would not Sweden then have been doing something right and proper?
But, no, they denied him, preemptively.  And he was butchered, for his beliefs -- more precisely for his failure to believe in Muhammad.
Now, on the other side, we have Scandinavian countries allowing into their societies, vast number of Muslims, many on bogus refugee status.
And how does these folk treat their host societies?
Well, here's one, in Norway, for example, Mullah Krekar.  Note he still talks in Arabic, though he's Norwegian.
And he's calling for the murder of any Norwegian that has the temerity to publish cartoons about Mohammad.
Note the bewilderment of the interviewer.  He can hardly believe what he's hearing.
Is there not enough in what the Imam says to bundle him up and deport him?
That's why I say these open-minded, tolerant, humorous... etc, folk are also idiots.  Too many more of the likes of the creepy Mullah Krekar and Scandinavians will lose their open-mindedness, tolerance, humour....