Friday, 8 May 2015

Tories win. Yay!

I'm sitting here listening to Ed Milliband give his concession speech and also his valedictory, on BBC radio.
I bid you goodbye Ed.  You won't be missed. Not by me.
We were sitting round a dinner table the other night discussing this election.
I said that I would vote for the party that was most robust in its attitude to Islam(ism). For that, said I, was the greatest threat to the west: not inflation, or Scotland leaving, or unemployment.  But those who would do us ill; those who would destroy our very society.
That may not be the Conservatives. At least not fully.
But it certainly is not the Labour Party.
For in a craven attempt to buy the Muslim vote, Milliband said the he would "Criminalise Islamophobia".
Get that!  Make it a crime to criticise Islam!  Make it a crime to criticise an idea!
Here's some earlier thoughts on that idea, Eddy's one, from Harry's Place.
A touch later: "Lorna", a listener, called in, clearly an Eddie-ite, laments that Eddie had been "bullied" , that it was the fault of the media, of course, that we should instead have looked past his eating of a bacon sanger and see what his policies were.
You mean the policies that would have increased tax to 50% even when the Labour Party knew that it would give no revenue (a simple envy policy), policies that would have established a "mansion tax" (that would have impoverished long-term holders of property) and established rent controls (which would have led to shortage of rental properties).  Policies that attacked business, threatening to break it up and thus reduce employment.  And, at the last minute, a law banning "Islamophobia" on pain of criminal sanction, thus rendering us mute in the face of militant Islam.  Those policies, you mean, Lorna?