Thursday, 20 August 2015

GM crop ban 'threatens research' say scientists - BBC News

Many of the same non-scientists who tell us to respect the science on global warming disrespect the science on GM foods. They end up stopping development of foods that could help the poorest in the world. 
/snip from article below on the idiotic decision of the new lefties in Scotland's government to ban the use of GMOs:
>>The decision has also been criticised by Dame Anne Glover, a former chief scientific adviser to the Scottish government and chief scientific advisor to the President of the European Commission.
She told BBC Radio Scotland's John Beattie programme that she was "genuinely perplexed" at the government's position and that there had not been any consultation with the scientific community on the issue.
Dame Anne called on ministers to rethink the decision, adding: "I think that they have made the decision not based on scientific evidence.">>

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