Saturday, 1 August 2015

One Congressman’s Iran - The New York Times

Reading both sides of the fence on the Iran deal, I come down on the liberal side: imperfect deal, but better than no deal. (The conservative view is better no deal than a bad deal).
In discussing this deal, Roger Cohen has some tart words for our so-called "ally", the execrable Saudi Arabia.
Be done with them.
"Now the Saudis are American allies. Iran is, and will for the foreseeable future remain, a hostile power. But what have our "allies" done for us of late? Promoted, through madrasas and other means, the conservative Wahhabi Islam whose fierce anti-Western teachings provided the context for the emergence of Al Qaeda, the Taliban and, most recently, the Islamic State. Manipulated oil prices, most recently down, in order to undermine America's liberating energy revolution through an attempt to make shale oil uncompetitive. Shunned Obama's attempts to reassure Sunni monarchies that the Iran deal would not mean diminished support — and all this, of course, from the country that furnished the manpower for 9/11."

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