Thursday, 22 October 2015

Incitement: The Engine Driving Global Terrorism, Part II - Arutz Sheva

I remember many years ago a documentary on Israel and Palestine called something like "Mohammad and Moses". The concept was as simple as it was fascinating: filmmakers in Gaza and in Israel would film children, their families and their schooling. Each filmmaker was given free rein to make whatever film they wanted, but was not allowed to see what their opposite number had done. And there was a limit to each, 30 minutes IIRC, to make a one hour joint documentary.
What jumped out of the final merging of the two halves was this: that in the "Mohammad" half the children were constantly told to hate Jews and that their goal in life was to kill them. In the "Moses" half the children were taught things like the classic "3 Rs", and tolerance for other views.
This is what makes Israel a 21st century start-up economy. And what makes Gaza a 12th century blow-up economy.
The article below I just came across in wandering the Intertubes this morning and covers this education / indoctrination of Arab children in jihadism and death cultism. It shows that what happens in the "Mohammad " part of the above doco is still going on. Indeed, it's got worse and more pervasive. Indoctrination and incitement to murder Jews is now ubiquitous in the Arab world.
This is clear: Jews could give up the West Bank and Israel itself. They could vacate the Middle East entirely. And the terror would not stop. For it's holy war, against the Jews and infidels. Some may not wish to admit this for it seems a counsel of despair. But the fact that it's uncomfortable and tough to face doesn't make it not true.
The article below is longish. But it's authoritative and well researched. It repays careful reading.

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