Wednesday, 21 October 2015

To the BBC, murdering apostates and CRITICISING the murder of apostates is the same thing

This is an interesting case of bogus moral equivalence, because it's so subtle.  One is tempted to think that the BBC is making a hard-hitting documentary on extremism in the UK.
But at the end they wimp out.  They say Anne Marie Waters, head of ShariaWatch, who wants (rightly) to shut down Sharia courts, feels she's been silenced because her cartoon contest was cancelled.  And at the same time Haitham Al Haddad feels he's been treated unfairly for his views.  So, all a wash, right?  Each has their grievance.
But Ms Waters was silenced.  And Al Haddad is being criticised for preaching that Sunnis shouldn't marry Shia (let alone infidels), that homosexuals and apostates should be killed.
There's no moral equivalence here, except to those that are blind to morals.
One weeps for the UK. That the bearded barbarians like Haddad, not only get a voice (fair enough), but that they're also treated with respect.  They ought to be laughed out of the country.  Or at least laughed out of the public square.