Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Aliou Toure and Saudi Arabia

Letter to BBC:
Interesting interview with Aliou Toure. Though I wonder why he wasn't queried about his statements of "so-called Sharia" and that the "prophet" never forced people to convert at the tip of the sword.
Both Islamic Sharia law and Muhammad's "swording" are well attested to in Islamic doctrine and practice.
Then you have Lyse Doucet talking about Saudi Arabia's concern over our criticism of their human rights record (they demand "respect") in terms that seemed to implicate the west as much as them. (Eg: The west also has countries with the death penalty).
In other words bogus cultural equivalence.
Saudi Arabia is a horrid outfit. They are second in the world for executions per capita and first for those for non-violent crimes. They execute gays and women who have been raped. For this they demand "respect"??
And no mention, not a word, by Lyse of Saudi's Wahhabist support of extremist Madrasas all over the world. Those that bred the likes of Mohamad Atta of 9/11 infamy.
Get a grip, BBC.
Islam is not Peace.
And Saudi is the worst of "allies ". We can and should do without their black oil. Black. Oily. Nasty.
Peter Forsythe.
Siena one
Hong Kong.

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