Monday, 7 December 2015

Pataki Demands That AG Lynch Arrest Him For Urging War Against Islam

A very useful reference of the violence inherent in the doctrines of Islam in the following paragraph from the article linked below. It relates to the US Attorney, Loretta Lynch, saying that her "greatest fear" was backlash against Muslims and that she'd be pursuing those who criticized Islam or Muslims in a "hateful way". 
Never mind the safety of those targeted by Islamic terrorists. Never mind that there's been not a hint of backlash against Muslims from the time of 9-11. FBI statistics on hate crimes show this. In fact the groups most targeted by hate crimes are, first, Jews, and, second, atheists. [Later: not it's not atheists.  They come off rather well.  Second largest after Jews is "other religions", then Islam, then Christians. See my later posts above]
"[Loretta] Lynch will have a long, long list of Americans to arrest, because traditional Islam promotes many ideas that are very unpopular among Americans. For example, orthodox Islam urges the murder of people who cause "mischief," targeted enemiespeople who give up Islamgaysnon-Muslimswomen who annoyed Mohammad, etc., etc., etc."