Sunday, 28 February 2016

Hard living: Hong Kong scores 70th in rank of world cities, lags Singapore | South China Morning Post

[Hong Kong living: our dog, our local pond, our mountains]
What rubbish! [Link below]
Only if you include the criterion of BBTD could you come up with Vienna as the top city in the world in which to live! With Zurich second.
"BBTD" = be bored to death.
Zurich.... zzzz.
I've lived and worked in many of the cities on the list: Tokyo, Rome, Sydney, London, New York, and been to many of the others. We could live anywhere now.
But we choose Hong Kong.
Because it's truly international, a global cross-roads in the heart of the most dynamic region in the world, efficient, clean, safe, compact, yet with terrific hiking trails in one's doorstep, beautiful sailing grounds and wonderful food. We can be anywhere in the world within 12 hours max, from the 24/7 airport, regularly voted best in the world.
What's not to like? (Well, air pollution for one; then again all cities have a drawback or two).
This just shows the inanity of so many of these global surveys. Most don't survive the common sense test. Or the reality test.
Vienna?! Give me a break.

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