Sunday, 28 February 2016

Who do you thank, if you can't thank god?

I'd like to thank god for living in a safe place, Hong Kong, where you can practice your religion, or none, without having to worry you'll be killed for believing in the wrong God. Or even for saying "God", as happened to a poor Christian girl in Pakistan.
But how can I thank god, when it's the very belief in god that causes the murderous mayhem like that in Pakistan. There, if you are a Christian, or worse, if you convert to Christianity from Islam, you run the very real risk of being killed in a horrible way for having "insulted" Islam, by renouncing Allah, the god of Islam. And that poor Christian girl was indeed killed in a horrible way: she was burned alive. (I've just seen her brother choking up as he describes her death to a BBC reporter in a documentary on Christian refugees in Thailand).
So who do I thank? For I'm certainly most thankful for our safe space here, where we don't face religious (read "Islamic") lunacy, where we are not murdered for saying "God".
Perhaps I should just thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster....

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