Thursday, 9 June 2016

Islam is Europe’s ‘new fascism,’ and other things European politicians say about Muslims

This is another case of what I'm noting more and more: that is, an apologist article about Islam in the ATL (above the line) article, which is then excoriated in the BTL comments.
This in the left-of-centre Washington Post. The ATL invites us to conclude that all the European politicians are Islamophobic bigots. But the commenters will have none of it. They know that what these politicians are saying is the spot-on truth.
We see that same trend even in the deliciously trendy-left The Guardian.  And that's even more amazing.
That's one, at least, consoling trend. That more and more people are coming to the common-sense conclusion, that Islam is not a "Religion of Peace", that it's inimical to democracy and enlightenment values.